Meet the Owner


Clay Lester, Owner

  • Grew up in a construction family
  • 20+ years of skills and experience
  • Licensed and insured in both WA & ID
  • Committed to quality, reliabilty and excellent work
  • Husband, father and active community member

Originally from the state of Maryland, Clay moved to the Palouse area in 2015. Having grown up working in the family HVAC business, Clay has always been involved in construction work of some type or another.

Frustrated with other jobs where he was told to cut corners and take shortcuts, he started his own business to help customers get the remodels and repairs they need without relying on band-aids and quick fixes.

Licensed and insured as a general contractor in both Washington and Idaho and with over 20 years of skill and expertise, Clay and his team are absolutely committed to quality, reliability, and excellent work.


Core Values

  • We do the right thing, even when it’s not easy

  • We take care of ourselves, our family, and our friends

  • We are willing to ask for help & be resourceful

  • We contribute to our community

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Licensing Information

Licensed & Insured in both Washington and Idaho.